Publications and Presentations


“Remanufacturing of  Engine Blocks by PTWA Thermal Spraying”, FISITA World Automotive Congress 2008 The Future of Automobiles and Mobility, Munich, Germany, 14 - 19 September 2008

“Thermal Spraying of Nano-Crystalline Coatings for Al-Cylinder Bores,” SAE 2008 World Congress, Detroit, Michigan 4/14/08 – 4/17/08

“Thermal Spraying of Cylinder Bores with the PTWA Internal Coating System,” ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division Fall 2007 Technical Conference, Charleston, South Carolina 10/14/07 – 10/17/07

“Coating Bores of Light Metal Crank Cases with a Nano-Structured Composite Coating using PTWA Technology,” ASM 2006 International Thermal Spray Conference, Seattle, Washington 5/15/06 – 5/18/06

“The Effect of a Simple Annealing Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Cold Sprayed Aluminum,” Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 2006

“Thermal Spraying of Aluminum Cylinder Bores by the Ford PTWA Spray Process,” 2006 International Combustion Engine Division Spring Technical Conference, Aachen, Germany, 5/7/06 – 5/10/06

"The effect of a simple annealing heat treatment on the mechanical properties of cold sprayed aluminum," ASM 2005 International Thermal Spray Conference, Basel, Switzerland 5/2/05 – 5/4/05

"Feedback Control of Tp and Vp,” ASM 2004 Sensors and Controls Conference, Montreal, Canada 10/26/04 – 10/27/04

"Process Science and Control for Thermal Spray,” Materials and Processes for Energy Systems conference, Stony Brook, New York 7/14/04 – 7/16/04

"Improved Control of Thermal Spray Processes,” NNSA Future Technologies Conference, Washington, D.C. 5/17/04 – 5/19/04

"A materials system and method of its application for the wear protection of aluminum engine cylinder bore surfaces," ASM 2004 International Thermal Spray Conference, Osaka, Japan 5/10/04 – 5/12/04

"Beschichtung von Aluminium-Motorblöcken durch das FORD PTWA-Beschichtungsverfahren," Werkstoffkonferenz, Aachen, Germany Dec 2003

"PTWA Thermal Spray Coating for Al-Cylinder Bores," VDI Cylinder Bore Technology Conference, Munich, Germany Sept 2003

"Development of Thermal Spray for Automotive Cylinder Bores," ASM 2003 International Thermal Spray Conference, Orlando, Florida 5/5/03 – 5/8/03

"Plasma Transferred Wire-Arc Coatings in Al-Cylinder Liners," Center for Thermal Spray Research - Emerging Opportunities in Thermal Spray Technology, Long Island, New York 8/13/98 – 8/14/98

"Light Weight Engine Bore Coatings," The 29th International Symposium of Automotive Technology and Automation conference on Materials for Energy Efficient Vehicles, Florence, Italy 6/3/96-6/6/96

“Diagnostic Behavior of the Wire Arc Plasma Process”, Proceedings of the 1992 ITSC, Orlando, FL 1992

“Wire Arc Plasma: A New Contender in Metal Spraying”, Welding Journal, Vol. 70, No. 8, August 1991

“Wire-Arc Plasma Principals and its Versatility”, Proceedings of the 1991 National Thermal Spray Conference, Pittsburgh, PA May 1991

“ Characterization of Coatings Produced By The Wire Arc Plasma Spray Process” ,   Proceedings of the 1991 National Thermal Spray Conference, Pittsburgh, PA May 1991

“HVOF: Particle, Flame  Diagnostics and Coating Characteristics”, Proceedings of the 1990 National Thermal Spray Conference, Long Beach California, May 1990

“Zirconium Nitride Coating Using The Twin Wire Arc Process”, Proceedings of the 1989, National Thermal Spray Conference, Cincinnati, 1989


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Remanufacturing of Engine Blocks by PTWA Thermal Spraying
Thermal Spraying of Cylinder Bores with the PTWA
Development of Thermal Spray for Automotive Cylinder Bores
A Materials System and Method of its Application for the Wear
Coating Bores of Light Metal Crankcases
PTWA Thermal Spray Coating for Al-Cylinder Bores